Myatt Fields Park Greenhouse Project is created for the local community to grow food that is later used for cooking projects and for the park’s café. The project is located in a desert food zone convincing individuals that there are very few opportunities for quality food in the area. This aims to improve access of people to quality food, affordable locally grown food and to promote and celebrate the local food culture. The project carries out various activities that ensure there is a continuous and quality food production for the whole people in the region as follows.

The team organized by Victoria Sherwin holds an open greenhouse session on the first Sunday of every month to discuss support for growing food. On Wednesdays, sessions are held to support volunteering work with a taught element. The project supports ten food-growing groups every year by providing them with seedlings from the greenhouse. In addition, there is provision of eight training sessions and small grants of £250 each. The projects has various resources for growing foods such as the community greenhouse for developing seedlings, joint purchase of resources such as the compost manure, laminators, community kitchens and space for meetings at negotiable rates.

In provision of resources for cooking, the group is fully equipped with community kitchens with meeting space having the capacity of up to ten people for preparing food together. The Mulbury Centre is designed to offer cooking sessions for people with young children with a capacity of up to four families per session. The cooking project has had immerse experience of delivering 350 food based sessions between 2011 and 2014 including family cook and eat breakfast. Besides that the project has had profound experience in retied people’s lunches, food heroes, a Caribbean food workshop for the Caribbean history and intergenerational program.

Most of all, the project has advise programmes on how to set up cooking projects. This project has given me a detailed insight on how to design a space for a greenhouse and cooking workshop for local community, but also build awareness in food growing and recycling in a long term future.

Photographer: Luke Massey (Brixton Blog)

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