Paulet Road Estate Community Garden


Paulet Road Estate Community Garden is a project within an estate garden that is part of a block of flats within a new social enterprise in the basement garages called Remakery. The block of flats is a stretch between Brixton and Denmark Hill in South London and is part of the Lambeth living.. The idea has gained me the experience in growing and designing numerous garden crops that can shape and give the landscape a desirable beauty. 

I gained valuable horticulture knowledge that has enabled me to grow and cultivate all types of edible foods. I have gained ample knowledge in planting and harvesting both edible and non-edible items in greenhouses. The general upkeep duties and maintenance in the garden are also an area of specialization that I have gained in the community garden experience. My passion for growing garden crops has contributed to my engagement with community members and promoting their projects. One of the most catching things to tell is the activity that involved attaching bird boxes, creating bug hotel and maintaining bird feeders.

The horticultural education with Victoria Sherwin from Myatt’s Fields Park Greenhouse Project has been part of my engagement in the community garden, passing knowledge to most of the members in the local community. The systematic planting and lining new planters is one key factor that ensures the arrangement and the beauty of the gardens (Project Dirt, 2015). The experience is applicable to any type of vegetation and, therefore, grants me a wider opportunity to participate in the plan of any garden. The Paulet Road Estate Community garden is the best foundation for all aspiring garden planners and maintainers as this provides general knowledge and all technical skills for garden activities for my architectural proposal.

Photographer: Tammy Crawford-Rolt

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