Getting By – Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain by Lisa McKenzie
Estates – an Intimate History by Lynsey Hanley
Private Island – by James Meek
The People of Providence – by Tony Parker

All That is Solid – By Danny Dorling

Lessons for Students in Architecture – Herman Hertzberger

Space and the Architect: Lessons in Architecture 2 – Herman Hertzberger


Useful Links Specific to the Nightingale Estate
Short documentary on life on the Nightingale estate
Travis, Turn – A music video set on the estate
Overview of the estate’s history
Hackney Council’s website on the development proposals


Useful Links relating to housing in London generally

The Beveridge Report
The 1942 report on Social Insurance and Allied Services,[1] known commonly as the Beveridge Report was an influential document in the founding of the welfare state in the United Kingdom, published in December 1942

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Affordable housing in London (PDF)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a politically neutral social policy research and development charity.

The Policy Exchange:  The Estate we are in (PDF)
The Policy Exchange is a small-government thinktank influential with Cameronite Tories (Guardian). Known as David Cameron’s favourite think thank. Also labelled as a “neo-con attack dog” (Telegraph)

The New Economics Foundation: One Million Homes (PDF)
The New Economics Foundation (NEF) is a British think-tank that promotes social, economic and environmental justice.

Social Market Foundation: The Politics of Housing (PDF)
The Social Market Foundation was established in 1989 by supporters of David Owen after the collapse of the Social Democratic Party in the late 1980s. Later cited as John Major’s favourite think tank, but now seen as closer to Labour.


In the news
how difficult is it to get a council flat?
Children in our towns and cities are being robbed of safe spaces to play

Property developers around the world raise their champagne glasses to the UK government in delight while local authorities fall to their knees in shock.
Within the context of current housing policy and practices this article brings to light a surprising policy, but considering the trend of council–social–affordable housing stock over past decades is it really a surprise? Read the article.

Comedian Eddy Izard wades in to a social housing issue in Chelsea’s Sutton Estate. He has cut a world tour short in order to pursue his political career. He believes in his cause but needs a bit more refinement in arguing the corner of the people. The article is published in the Guardian newspaper.

Ian Duncan Smith – Social housing is no Longer yours to give away.

Rich-Middle-Poor: Wages and home ownership Read the Article by Daniel Boffey

highrise living through the ages
A short blog on the perception of ‘welfare’ housing

Ken Loach – “we should revert to the Nye Bevin approach to housing”

An underlying social symptom which adversely effects housing and living standards – Wealth ‘creators’ are robbing our most productive people. 

 ‘The Right to Buy’ a 2015 Tory election pledge, but…….Thatcher……? and more here….

Postcards of a developed London…


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