Edible Map for Food Growing in South Hackney Estates


While the local food growing is becoming increasingly important, urban food production is also at its course. It might, however, be a difficult concept to imagine that food production is taking place within the bewildering array of structures and the surfaces of the city. With the guide of the edible map, I decided to take a walk along the neighbourhoods.

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Love London Council Housing


Andrea Klettner is a journalist and former news editor at Building Design and has contributed to the Evening Standard and The Times established a blog based on council housing estates across London. Klettner focused on residential sector for the people to provide better life standard. After all, those people were to contribute in further development.

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19.02.2015 – Hackney Citizen Article (Tower Block Proposals in Nightingale Estate)

Hackney Citizen Article


Ella Jessel wrote an article on a clear pictorial representation of the main issue regarding the idea of residential tower blocks being discussed in Nightingale Estate.

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Nightingale Estate Regeneration Steering Group Meeting- 16/04/2015

I participated in a discussion forum where a steering group of residents has been elected to represent the interests of the estate and to ensure that residents play a leading role in the regeneration. This is where residents discuss not only designs for new homes – the steering group has said it would like to see 75 new social rented properties built along with those for shared ownership and private sale – but also a new community centre, and improved public open spaces.

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Youth Green Party meeting: London’s Housing Crisis


“The UK’s economy is off-balance. People come to London for its abundance of jobs, but are forced to leave it to find affordable housing.” https://londonyounggreens.wordpress.com

The London Young Greens (youth division of the Green Party) held a meeting regarding the London housing Crisis,  which encompassed; the measures that different movements had successfully utilised to save their estates, areas of concern regarding other political parties, and the issue of an ever increasing unaffordability in London.


The general consensus of the meeting was that to tackle the housing crisis, a few things need to happen: the first is that those that are not homeowners need to mobilise to become a strong voice that the political system can then adequately tend to, second that there needs to be a more intelligent use of the housing stock we already have, thirdly that rent controls need to be reintroduced, fourthly that there needs to be a land value tax to stunt the vast growth of house prices.

Building form study

Building Form study

The images seen here demonstrate the possible build up that is being required from the Hackney ITT, these are massing studies of potential forms, not proposals.

The requirement laid out by the Hackney ITT (Invitation To Tender) is to produce 425 housing units of which 75 must be social rented. This will provide the social housing not catered for by Southern Housing when they took over areas for re-development. The break down of these units is as follows:
-142 x One bedroom flats
-142 x Two bedroom flats
-142 x Three bedroom flats (family sized)
The flat sizes are calculated as follows:
-One bedroom flats = 50 m2
-Two bedroom flats = 70 m2
-Three bedroom flats = 90 m2
This provides a total of 29820 m2, and a gross area of 36100 m2 (to allocate space to replace the delapitated community buildings).